Tips to get your tenancy deposit back in full

Most landlords will require you to deposit some money as a way of assuring them value for their home. If you damage the home while staying in it, then the deposit will be used for renovation purposes when you will leave home. You should read the contract carefully before you sign it. The contract will state all procedures which will be followed for you to get your contract back.

1. Fill in the inventory

You should fill the inventory form when entering the home. This is necessary because the inventory will be used to assess the condition of the home when you will be leaving it. It is a simple procedure, but many tenants forget about it which exposes them to challenges later when trying to recover their money. Ensure every detail you enter in the inventory will not compromise your request for the deposit. The inventory should indicate clearly what is in the home and the state of each item.

2. Photograph everything

When you leave home, ensure you photograph everything so that the photos will act as evidence of how you left home. You should as well taking pictures of any defects you will find in the home and send them to the landlord. By taking pictures of before entering the home and when about to leave, you can compare them, and the owner will easily figure out the way you kept the home.

End of tenancy cleaning

Hiring a good end of tenancy cleaning company will not be cheap but it’s definitely worth it if you are looking to get back the full amount of your security deposit.

3. Invite the landlord round

Before you leave home, make a point of inviting the owner around so that he will know the state of the home before you leave. Before the landlord arrives, ensure you have cleaned all corners of the home so that he will get a clear picture of how you have taken good care of the home.